Women of Destiny (WOD) is an Empowerment Program. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of empowered women. The WOD is a community of women, interconnected to build strength, courage, hope, and love so that women can grow individually and together as a whole. Our purpose is to empower women to grow – regardless of nationality or economic background. And our goal is to improve the lives of women professionally, socially, economically, and spiritually.

Our community offers mentoring, training, and sisterhood. We provide a safe place for women to exhale. An empowering place for women to learn. And an open place for women to connect.

We help women grow in 4 ways:

  • Learn yourself – Learn about the power that lies within, build self-confidence, become self-aware, and take responsibility for your own life and destiny.
  • Launch your mission – Equip yourself with the right tools and leaders to help you start or continue your journey toward success and growth (starting a small business, launching a ministry, career development, college readiness, etc)
  • Live with purpose – Develop fulfilling relationships, grow in God, and build healthy social connections to help you thrive.
  • Love out loud – Take advantage of opportunities to donate, volunteer, be a mentor or share your expertise and knowledge in some way.

Each category provides online resources, events, and access to experts to help navigate growth.